liege and lief

truth is everywhere i go - truth is everything i know
truth is what i really see - truth allows my being to be

Monday, November 8, 2010

i stop


i yearn

for nothing

i dream

at night

i breathe

slowly and deeply

i whisper


i trust

myself completely

i should not

deal in
should nots

i should

not deal
in shoulds

i must not

be mad

i must

be mad

i die

as often as
i can

i arrive

like the cavalry

i fade

when it is best
to do so

i shine

with the light of
many suns

i storm

out of rooms

i leave

room for storms

i imagine

i am limitless

i stretch

my own

i reappear

before anyone notices

i disappear

into my experience

i am what

i appear to be

i appear

as what
i am

i discuss

but never

i listen


i see

what is there

i fight

when i must

i laugh

more than
i do not

i guard

only what needs

i fear

nothing at all

i suffer


i smile

by mistake

i sleep

when i

i leap

when a leap
is called

i think

when i forget
not to

i fail

as i succeed

as i succeed
i fail

i know


for nothing
knows all

i find

the answers
by never

i live

for nothing

so nothing
lives for

i hope

for nothing

so nothing
hopes for

i wish

for nothing

nothing wishes

i love


and so i love
all things

i do not

hate myself
and so
i do not hate

i do

what i can
when it needs
to be done

i am me

not because i was
but because i was not

i am

because i was not

through being not
i am

i can be

not because i was
but because
i am

i can speak

not because i could
but because i could not

being unable to speak
i decided to be able
and spoke
and now
i can

i am alive

not because i was
but because i was not

deciding to be alive
i found i was
and now
i am

i can write

these things
not because i know them
but because i do not

not knowing these things
i decide to know them
and so
i do

i can fly

not because i have wings
but because i do not

because i have no wings
i must create them
and so i do